NetPrickle is a solution for self-hosted mobile proxies and VPNs creation. With the help of NetPrickle Unit you can build your own residential proxy/VPN farm for social network accounts promotion, physical location fronting, or other tasks. Finally, you'll have physical network device to serve your needs.

We're under development...

Want to know about launch time? Leave us a message with brief explainations of your needs and questions you have, we'll discuss them and notify you as soon as we are ready.

Usage scenarios

Social networks accounts promotion

It's not limited to social networks, you can use proxies and/or VPN configured on the device in any field where you want to pretend to be a mobile or home user (depends on connection type). learn more

Physical location fronting

For external WEB services or sites it will look like you access them from the place of the unit's real location. learn more

Multiple interfaces bandwidth aggregation and balancing

You'll be able to use available network interfaces concurrently from client device(s) connected to NetPrickle Unit. There are few different types of balancing you may choose for your specific usecase. Not implemented yet. learn more


The device can be used as a generic linux [micro]computer. We can configure it in accordance to your specific usecase. Reach us to discuss.